1. Connie Batson

    That was beautiful!!! And so true. I know those who read this will also be touched and comforted! Love you Janice! ?

  2. Terry Braddock

    Thank you for your words. I lost my mom when I was so young. I had a hard time, but your thoughts talk to me . My heart goes out to all of you. Thank you for talking to me in a way we all need .

    • Janice

      You are welcome Linda. I know you have had your share of grief. Always praying for you friend.

  3. Jennifer

    I lost my mother 2 months ago. This! This is everything that I have not been able to put into words. Thank you for sharing, and I am so sorry for your familiy’s loss.

    • Janice

      Oh I am so sorry for your terrible recent loss. Prayers for you And your sweet family Jennifer.

  4. Melissa Kay

    This is amazing! What great information. Janice was my 7th grade track coach. I’ve always admired her.
    I counsel moms who have placed their children for adoption, and also couples experiencing infertility and miscarriages. I’ve also experienced grief in my own life. I appreciate her words so much.

    • Janice

      Thank you for reading and commenting Melissa KayKayKay! Thank you for your encouraging words.

  5. Mary

    Thank you so much! I needed to hear this! My mom died ten months ago and I have had a difficult time. My husband is a pastor and a member of our church recently told me it is not good to have the pastor’s wife crying in church all the time (which is where I tend to be most reminded of her) and that I should just be ok with her death because I will see her in Heaven again. It just crushed me when those words were said to me by someone I thought was a dear friend. It is a good reminder that even Jesus wept though He knew he would see His friend again!

    • Janice

      Mary, praising God with my church family is also where I find my grief right on the surface and my tears come. I’m so sorry these words were spoken to you. So many people don’t understand others grief or accept it. But God does. I pray for you to surround yourself with people who love you and will allow you to grieve.

  6. Kim Cleary

    Beautiful words, Janice! I will be sharing this with my mom who lost my sweet daddy a year ago after 61 years of marriage. I will also be sharing this with my close friend who just suddenly lost her son that was Brice’s best friend last week. Thank you for your wise words. Love you!

    • Janice

      Thank you Kim. I know you are dealing with a lot right now and I am praying for you. I also know you miss your precious dad. Love you friend.

  7. Pam Patterson

    I love this! Words that hold so much meaning and truth. Thank you Janice for sharing

  8. Dane Prunty

    Beautifully written Janice. Love and miss you and Lewis. My heart aches for your loss.

  9. Kathy Mitchell

    Janice, you are always touching my heart with your expressive way of God’s words. Each word is so true for me even after all my years of grief. Thank you sweet friend for reminding me of the hope I always have.
    Kathy Mitchell

    • Janice

      Oh Kathy, thank you for your sweet words. I am just beginning to understand the kind of grief you carry. There are no words to describe their ebb and flow. I love you and your family so much.

  10. Christy

    So beautifully put, Janice. I can think of so many friends who will benefit from reading this…I guess it is hard to get to this point in our lives without enduring loss. As my father is entering the final stages of ALS, this really hit home this morning. You have always had such a way with words and with sharing God’s love with others – even in the midst of storms. Thank you for sharing. Love you and your sweet family!

  11. Janice

    Loss is certainly part of our lives and it matters how we handle it, and it matters how others handle our grief as well. Thank you for your encouraging words my friend.

  12. Well put, Janice. Grief and loss come in many forms and often others “don’t know what to do with you”. Perhaps it is because they fear being in your situation. Thank you for being loving and courageous enough to be there for me during a time of loss. It is a blessing that you are able to put into words what many of us may feel but be unable to express. Thank you. You and your family are very dear to me and I think of Charlee Rose often as I spend time with my new granddaughter.

    • Janice

      Thank you my friend. I appreciate you and the courage you once showed me in the midst of terrible circumstances. I know that grief isn’t always tied to death-but it’s STILL grief. My prayer is that we all get better with the awkwardness of grief and that we do a better job of finding comfort while experiencing grief.

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