That Little Boy



That little boy

Digging in the dirt

Splashing in the puddles

Rocks, bottle caps, gold plastic coins

In his pockets.


That little boy

Candy hoarder

Style of his own

Shorts and T-shirt

Red boots on his feet.


That little boy

Wrestler, tussler

An impish look

With a sweet “yes Mama”

To melt a heart.


That little boy

Shy and unsure of Santa

Morphs into—

Curious explorer

Fearless adventurer.


Church camp alone?

No problem.

Friend magnet

No problem.


Lover of critters

Large and small.


That young man

Compassionate heart

Hands that don’t shun hard work.


Head that grasps the obscure

Creativity overflows.

Wings fully formed for flight.


My little boy

Married to his love

A mother’s prayer answered.


The lovely girl—

God’s gift to us all.

A mother’s bittersweet place accepted

Less is needed now.


But prayers continue always

As he soars in God’s universe

Under his watchful eye.


A mother’s proud final launch

Of that little boy

Grown to be a man.


He got married last weekend. It’s hard to fathom the passage of time, fast-forwarding with blinding speed to this special date.

The long, lazy days of childhood, melt away with a drip that turns into a trickle. Then it rushes from the steady stream of boyhood, to a roaring river of adolescence, sweeping time away in it’s devouring path to manhood.

Cherished memories remain in a mother’s heart always. In my heart forever as I realize I’m done with the raising, but not with the wise counsel if asked.

I will always be his biggest fan, his mentor, and spiritual advisor.  I will wait in the wings for the times he still needs me which will be fewer and farther between.

His new wife will become his closest ally and confidant. As was God’s plan from the beginning.

But I will always be there as long as God allows.

A mother’s love never fades.


Gen 2:23-24 The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman’, for she was taken out of man.” That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

-Whether you are a mother, or a mentor, or just a friend to a young person, God can use you to help guide them toward Him even if it is only through prayer.

-Say a prayer of protection and spiritual guidance for that young man or woman now.