Hi There!

I’ve run from God for several years and ignored his nudges. He finally hit me over the head by sending others to look me in the face and tell me I needed to write. (I’m a slow learner or maybe I should say “slow listener”). Buried in a successful interior design business I loved, it was easy to be too busy.

It may surprise you to know that I’ve been a minister’s wife for over twenty-five years.

I KNOW, I KNOW–That means I’m supposed to be a perfect example to everyone else. Minister’s wives don’t run, they lead and have it all together. RIGHT?

WRONG! I have the same fears, insecurities and doubts as any of you. Even though I’m an extrovert, I’m just not great about sharing those things face-to-face.

I hide behind that facade of competence because I’ve always felt like it was expected of me by the congregants, and I cry at the drop of a hat.  

AND I’m an ugly red nose kind of cryer.

So up came the wall of self-preservation and I buried myself in my family and my work.

Years ago when my dear husband Randy (aka “The Preacher”) and I started our ministry together we made a vow to be accessible. We made a point to tell people we were just like them. We fought against those PEDESTALS CREATED FOR A FALL. We told stories of our challenges and trials.

We dressed like them, we talked like them. We sought to fit in by being the “cool ones” that no one would expect to be in ministry, yet always holding ourselves to a higher moral standard. But as time passed, it seemed I fell into the very mould we fought so hard against.


I began doing in-depth bible studies with a special group of women sixteen years ago and it changed my life. DUH! Though the women have changed as we have moved twice, the hunger for God’s word has not.

And yes, before that time I regularly taught women’s studies and even wrote a few that I only shared with my class. But when the class ended I would slide back into LAZY SPIRITUALITY.

So now as you can see, it’s time for that wall to come down once and for all, and for me to be real with you.

Kerry Co Ireland Photo by Taylor Johns

Kerry Co Ireland Photo by Taylor Johns


-God is the only place I can find peace.

-He says “BE STILL AND KNOW I AM GOD”, for people like me who have a hard time sitting.

-Joy is a choice.

-And raising Godly boys is an awesome challenge.
Even with great trepidation, I look forward to our journey together. If I can help one person out there who is struggling in ministry or with their daily walk, it will all be worth it.

And if we can  have a little fun with interior decorating along the way WE WILL!

I can’t wait to get to know you as together we find the life God intended for us. You are always welcome here my friend.


I plan to write once a week on:
-life and work
-peace, joy and the pursuit of all things Godly

I live in Oklahoma with my husband Randy. We have one son and a daughter-in-love in town, Luke and Lindsey, who gave us our first grandson, adorable baby Jett. And one son Taylor, who flew the coop to a California university and stayed to make movies. He married a sweet California girl who is now my other daughter-in-love.
No great surprise he stayed–sand and surf vs heat and wind-filled plains. But I can only hope…



1. I am an art enthusiast
2. Love the outdoors
3. Have a masters degree in art and an associates in bible
4. Love to travel
5. I’m a “party waiting to happen” says The Preacher
6. Not a good “sitter”, like to go, go, go
7. Loved pink and purple since my first bedspread in 7th grade
8. Love Hot Tamales and Skor bars
9. Starbucks non-fat chi junkie
10. Love COLOR! White bores me
11. My sister is one of my best friends and YMCA workout partner
12. I am always cold
13. Design fanatic
14. Hate tight spaces and windowless rooms
15. Love sunlight, deplore darkness
16. Avid reader
17. Cries at most movies
18. Marginal cook
19. Married to an exceptional cook
20. Bad knitter even though I like to do it
21. Attempt to play golf badly
22. Rabid OKC Thunder fan
23. Mom of boys
24. Broken and blessed
25. Christ obsessed